The Urban Farm Museum Society of Spryfield

We promote rural traditions in urban places through education and actual food production, bringing young and old together. We are reviving the farming heritage of Spryfield by creating a working farm museum in the heart of our community.

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The Urban Farm depends on volunteers to maintain the organization,
the site, and the programs. People of all ages from all around the
community — from Spryfield, from the Loop, from Jollimore and the Halifax
peninsula — have helped at the Urban Farm over the past twenty years.

Garlic in the Market Garden

Butterfly garden in early spring

In summer, we hire a Head Gardener who coordinates the volunteer
activities from May to September — the busiest time at the Farm.We welcome all volunteers. You can bring your knowledge and experience,
and you can learn new skills and make new friends.When you become a member, you will be asked how you would like to help.
For example, working with young people, with seniors, doing heavy work
with tools, being a board member, working on the gardens, etc.With your volunteer help we can:

Just email the Farm to become a regular volunteer. Groups wishing to volunteer should
send a request at least two weeks in advance. All volunteers who work with children must have a police check and a Child Abuse registry check. The Board of the UFMSS is responsible for
managing the volunteer list.

Thank you to our sponsors and donors

United Way of Halifax

City of Halifax, Councillor Steve Adams

Halifax Northwest Rotary Club, Toonies for Change

Janet Kidston

and thanks to generous indivudals who donated generously to the Urban Farm in 2017:
Don Auby

Justin Comeau

Tim and Jocelyn Covert

Heather Cumming

Greg Davis

Christopher Davison

Kim Elliot

Elizabeth Eve

Melissa and Aaron Gunn

Ann Hart

John and Gloria Kidston

Regina Maas

Pat MacLean

Jim MacLean

Graham McBride

Alex McKeown

Carolyn Mont

Lorraine Morris

Kathy Neufeld

Michèle Raymond

Liz Spence

Christine Verhulp

Heather Watts

Carole and Donnie Webb

Claire Welychko