Harvest Fair

This past weekend the Spryfield Urban Farm hosted it’s annual Harvest Fair – a fun-filled afternoon for local families to enjoy. All of the classic elements were in play.

Your first stop, the produce table, was packed with end of season veggies – pumpkins mingled with radiant squash, pints of tomatoes were framed by bundles of fresh kale and chard, zukes and cukes filled baskets and vases of sunflowers drew folks in. It all sold quickly, everyone lusting after a final taste of summer.

If you were too hungry to wait for dinner, then the baked goods tent was your next stop. It felt somewhat like a scene from Forrest Gump: zucchini pie, zucchini loaf, zucchini cake, zucchini quiche, zucchini pasta… Every dish delicious and made with fresh garden veggies + love.

When your plate was loaded high, the picnic tables called to you, or if no room there, a shady spot under a tree. As you sat to enjoy your meal, the Spryfield Community Band launched into another piece of impressive music. There’s nothing quite like hearing live music out of doors in the sun.

Only once did the band get drowned out by the beautiful old red tractor pulling a wagon full of laughing kids through the field. The tractor, taking passengers down and around the farm, fit right in with the few farm animals that dotted the landscape. A goat greeted people by the path, and happily lapped up water from a nearby bucket. On the other side of the field sat two lovely sheep, who were content lazing in the grass and accepting pats from kids and adults alike.

How could I forget, the biggest attraction of the Fair, with a lineup of 20 kids long all afternoon, the famous fishpond. I don’t think a single kid went home without a goodie bag from the pond! What a glorious day it was!


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