Plans for a Spryfield Heritage Centre

On May 27th the Urban Farm hosted a workshop with community stakeholders to begin plans for developing the new land that was donated to the community by Ralph Medjuck. The Spryfield Community Association was well represented, as was the Mainland South Heritage Society, and many people from the neighbourhood, and members of the Urban Farm. About twenty people particpated in a lively discussion and the outcome was a ‘shopping list’ of great ideas that will help lay the foundation for a concept for a facility for the community. Councillor Steve Adams said that his office would help with expertise needed on the first planning steps. Among the ideas put forward by the group was a facility that would include a public space, for performances and group activities, a café, a barn area, with the possibility of having animals in situ Spring, Summer and early Fall, a commercial kitchen, and most importantly, some space for exhibits of historical artifacts and documents. Here we are at the end of the meeting, looking forward to the next one.


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