Youth Action for Urban Farming

In Spring 2018, the Urban Farm launched a program in partnership with Pathways to Education to engage young adults in a variet of skills related to growing a garden — skills that help prepare them for living independent and meaningful lives.

One of the goals of Youth Action for Urban Farming is to help the students experience and understand the challenges and rewards of growing a vegetable garden. In the end they should have a supply of fresh vegetables and a hunger for locally grown food.

By June, they had already planted in their own garden plots at the Farm. They meet once a week to plan, plant, weed, and care for a variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers. They help out with the Farm’s market garden. They visit other organizations that are engaged in food security. They keep a journal of their garden project. And when the time comes, they will makes themselves a feast from their own produce.

UFMSS believes that levels of food security in Spryfield can be improved by  education and skill-building in growing vegetables and fruit, and in knowing how to harvest, store and cook locally grown produce.

By working at the Urban Farm, the Youth Action team can develop a closer connection to the source of their food; acquire horticultural skills and abilities; increase their own access to healthy food; and help to produce healthy food that is shared and sold at affordable prices in the community. This experience will help them in the long-term in making informed decisions about health and diet, and using the skills they have acquired, to grow food throughout their lives. The experience will allow them to influence their friends and their families, and may give them useful experience for entering the workforce.

For more information, please contact Pathways to Education or the Urban Farm.